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Review the Business Climate

How it's done

The business climate is the general economic environment that local businesses operate in. Reviewing and understanding the local business climate provides valuable insights about the economy, costs, risks, and incentives that may impact the success of your business. This activity will guide you to better understand the business climate in Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County and help you answer the following fundamental questions.

What is the business climate in Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County?

We have compiled the most important aspects of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County’s business climate as an interactive dashboard below. This dashboard provides valuable economic, resident, household, dwelling and development indicators that may influence the success of your business.

What costs and assistance should I know about?

Whether you have a new or existing business it is critical to be aware of costs, incentives and grants that impact your business. This dashboard provides you with a snapshot of the major costs of conducting business in Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County and assistance available to Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County businesses.

Information for the Town of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County are provided below.

Rocky Mountain House

Property taxes are a way of fairly distributing the cost of providing local government services among the residences and businesses that use them. Property tax is calculated and billed annually using the property's assessed value, as found on your property assessment notice, and the Council-approved property tax rate. In order to calculate taxes, you will need to multiply the assessed value of the property by the tax rate.

Commercial Mill Rates

Year Municipal School Foundation Westview Lodge Total Mill Rate
2017 9.3832 3.6400 0.1494 13.1726
2016 9.1453 3.6400 0.1436 12.9289
2015 8.7508 3.2620 0.1424 12.1552
2014 8.7174 3.6737 0.1397 12.5308
2013 8.2953 3.8640 0.1395 12.2988
2012 7.5107 3.9228 0.1415 11.5750

Residential Mill Rates

Year Municipal School Foundation Westview Lodge Total Mill Rate
2017 8.8832 2.4800 0.1494 11.5126
2016 8.6453 2.4800 0.1436 11.2689
2015 8.2508 2.4156 0.1424 10.8088
2014 8.2174 2.5093 0.1397 10.8664
2013 7.7953 2.6761 0.1395 10.6109
2012 7.5107 2.7047 0.1415 10.3569

For more information about taxes and assessment click here.

Clearwater County

Clearwater County’s Property Tax Calculator can be accessed here. For more information about property taxes click here.

Provincial and Federal Taxes

In comparison to other provinces, businesses in Alberta enjoy a distinct advantage when it comes to corporate income taxes. With no provincial sales tax, no payroll tax, no health care premiums, lower personal income tax rates and the lowest fuel tax among provinces. Alberta continues to be a great destination to do business thanks to its infrastructure, strong urban growth centers, increasingly diverse economy, growing population and lucrative investment opportunities.

As part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, the provincial government has accelerated the Job Creation Tax Cut, reducing the general corporate income tax rate to 8% on July 1, 2020, a year and a half sooner than originally planned. Alberta’s Recovery Plan also introduces the Innovation Employment Grant (IEG), a program that will help create jobs for Albertans by supporting small and medium-sized businesses that invest in research and development.

The Alberta small business income tax rate is 2 percent for eligible small businesses with income up to $500,000 and a competitive corporate income tax rate is in place for manufacturers. Businesses also benefit from the fact that Alberta has no inventory tax, no machinery and equipment tax and no payroll tax, which are common in many other provinces and U.S. states. Learn more

How do I use this information?

Having access to business climate statistics and information is one thing, but it's quite another to use data effectively and in a way that will benefit your business. This next section will help you do just that. Learn how to use this information to make better business decisions.

Monitor the local business climate

On-going assessment of the business climate is an essential part of operating a competitive business. In any business climate, there are numerous factors outside your control that will impact your business, both positively and negatively. The health of the economy impacts all businesses, but small businesses usually feel the effect of economic changes faster than big businesses. Improvements in the economy typically provide a rapid increase in new opportunities for small businesses, while an economic downturn can have a significant and prolonged negative impact.

Unfortunately, you can’t influence the economy, but you can monitor the business climate indicators provided above and then take the necessary actions to minimize risks to your business. Staying up to date with the business climate can also help you identify new opportunities that your business can take advantage of.

Know your costs

All industries are unique and incur different types of costs when starting or operating. Understanding these costs is essential when it comes to setting prices, budgeting and planning for growth or downturns. We’ve provided some of the local costs associated with taxes, development and labour that often get overlooked by businesses. There may be other municipal and provincial costs that apply to your business so we encourage you to contact us to find out more.

Where can I learn more about the business climate?

While we are providing you with a range of valuable information about the business climate, the fact is that there's much more available. In this section we provide you with links to other websites that will supplement our information and help to keep your finger on the pulse.

There may also be other municipal and provincial costs that apply to your business so we encourage you to contact us to find out more.

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